Historical and Wider Context

  • Katie Mazer, “‘There’s something kind of hush-hush about it all’: The normalization of working away” 00:00
  • Tracy Freidel, Carmen Wells, Danielle Lorenz and Alison Taylor, “McMurray Metis: Impacts of mobility for Metis families, 1930s to 1970s” 9:55
  • Michael Haan and Phyllis Rippey, “Exploring the Gendered Dimensions of Extreme Commuting” 22:12
  • Lachlan Barber and Barb Neis, “Mobility as a family strategy on the Burin Peninsula: Findings from the construction component of On the Move” 33:48
  • J. Adam Perry, “No white picket fences: How complex inter-scalar immigration systems affect migrant families in Canada” 44:40


  • Julie Gosselin and Ashley Balsom “Mothers’ experience with mobile work and family planning in NL” 00:00
  • Pam Moores, Holly LeDrew, Trudy Read and Moira O’Regan-Hogan “He’s Here and He’s Gone” 7:28
  • Bernadine Mullin-Splude "The Emotional Cycle of Deployment" 18:00
  • Nicole Snow “Mental Health of Migrant Workers and Their Families – A Narrative Inquiry” 30:30
  • Dianne Looker “Youth, families and mobility: Exploring Family Impacts and Evolution” 42:45
  • Laura Tejada “Intergenerational Patterns in Long-Distance Relationships” 55:00

Family Cont'd

  • Steven High “Employment Mobility and Family Fixity in Three Gentrifying Neighbourhoods of Montreal” 00:00
  • Paola Soto and Eliza MacLauchlan “The transnational parenting experience of Mexican and Filipino women that live in Prince Edward Island under the Temporary Foreign Worker program" 12:00
  • Jill Bucklaschuk “Reunification after separation: How families cope with temporary migration and navigate permanent settlement in Manitoba” 29:15
  • Panel Discussion and Delegate Dialogue: Family
    Melissa Ralph, 42:50
    Kevin Ryan, 47:55
    Julie Bouchard, 57:50
    Don Avery, 1:04:12
    Marie Antoinette Pangan 1:12:28
  • Discussion: 1:19:14


  • Sara Dorow and Sandrine Jean “Work Rotations and ‘Camp Time’: Effects on Mobile Workers and Their Families” 00:00
  • Natasha Hanson “How working within the trucking industry impacts the family life and well-being of truck drivers on PEI” 12:30
  • Elise Thorburn and Kara Arnold “Working On the Move – Human Resource and Union Perspectives on Mobility and Labour” 21:40
  • Lois A. Jackson “The work-related geographic mobility of harm reduction service providers: An exploration of key influences on mobility within urban and rural places” 31:45
  • Delphine Nakache and Leonor Cedillo “Work-Family Balance among Temporary Foreign Workers” 52:00

Work Cont'd

  • Panel Discussion and Delegate Dialogue: Life at Work 
  • Panelists: Brian Oulton (PEI Trucking Sector Council), 00:00
    Holly Rye (Community Integration and Spousal Employment Supervisor, Military Family Resource Center), 10:30
    Ian Fong (Person with Lived Experience), 22:40
    Alexia Newson (Storekeeper/Clerk in the Canadian Coast Guard) 41:30
  • Discussion 35:00 & 50:20


  • Doug Lionais and Christina Murray  “Understanding Professional Perceptions of Labor Mobility and its impact on Families and Communities” 00:00
  • Michelle Porter  “Children, Work, and Mobility: Childhood and the Decision to Work in Rural NL” 12:20
  • Dana Howse  “Work Injury and return to work in the context of work mobility: Implications for Families” 22:48
  • Delphine Nakache  “Temporary foreign workers and the right to family accompaniment: A case for family rights in Canada” 37:40
  • Discussion 52:50
  • Panel Discussion and Delegate Dialogue: Responding to the Needs of Mobile Families, A Discussion on Community Service and Supports
  • Panelists:
    Rosalie Blanchard (PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada, PEIANC), 59:39
    Bernie Mullin-Splude (Family Military Resource Centers), 1:12:54
    Jessica Dorgan-Trail (Executive Director of Kids West Family Resource Centre),  1:25:20
    Paola Soto (Cooper Institute), 1:36:09
    Jennifer Cheeks (Women in Resource Development Corporation, NL), 1:45:10

Next Steps

  • Panel Discussion and Delegate Dialogue: Next steps Home, work, and community
    Natasha DeCoste (Military Family Resource Center) 00:00

  • Conversation Catalyst: Sara Dorow and Doug Lionais 9:35 

  • Table Conversations 25:00

  • Feedback: Our “Hmm”, “Aha”, and/or “Wow” moments 43:40 

  • The Conference in Summary: What we learned
    Bob Glossop 1:11:05

  • Closing Remarks, Nora Spinks, Barb Neiss, Christina Murray, 1:24:30